EBox Platform


EBox Platform is an ideal solution for small business site top11binaryoptions.com and server to centralize the main services of a corporate network (users, internet, printers, on a single computer.

EBox is designed to be easy to use. It is managed through a simple web interface that provides a high level of abtraccion so that you do not need advanced knowledge to handle it.

It is based on a modular architecture. We can activate only the modules that are saving us useful resources on our server.

Depending on the modules that are activated, it provides the following services:

Network Services

It offers basic network services for proper network operation

  • DNS: Name Resolution
  • NTP: Server time for teams to maintain synchronized time
  • DHCP: Allows automatic configuration on computers

User Management

Manages users and sets passwords from the website. It also serves as a server to authenticate users in a Windows domain.

Ebox offers advanced router:

It allows you to use more than one output to increase internet bandwidth available.

  • Firewall ago
  • Establishes VPNs for remote access to the internal network from the Internet or to communicate different offices.
  • It allows you to set different priorities for different types of traffic (Traffic Shaping)
  • Caching domain names (DNS)
  • Content Filter and Web cache
  • Mail and Messaging

If you want to have your own mail server, you Ebox capabilities it provides one POP, IMAP and Antivirus and antispam.

You can also use it simply as a mail forwarder to accelerate the departure of emails from the office.

It also includes a Jabber server that you will have internal instant messaging.

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