The spin off eBox Technologies in the ITA presents a new version of its free software platform


EBox Platform 1.0 is the most complete version of the Aragonese company eBox Technologies, which was created this year from two other companies and has received the support of the ITA and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Aragon.

EBox is a platform for the integrated management of a corporate network, focused on non-expert users and small and medium enterprises. It is integrated into Ubuntu (Linux distribution more widespread with 10 million users worldwide) and was first published freely licensed in December 2005. The current version, considered definitive by its creators, it has already all software features that were raised at the beginning, so that the future of the platform will go through its combination with others. For now, users have access to Ebox integrated software applications that are independently via the Internet and some more sophisticated as access to private connection networks or sharing of information storage version.

Francisco Rojas, director of Development of Information Society of the ITA, will open the day? Publication of eBox Platform 1.0, free software first business in Aragon ?, at 18 am, talking about? The importance of free software on innovation ?. Ignacio Correas Uson, managing director of eBox Technologies S.L. speak about? Solution for efficient administration of corporate networks ?.

For his part, Ricardo Cavero Arceiz, CEO of Science and Technology of the City of Zaragoza, will give a presentation? Bet the City for free software and innovation ?. And Fernando Beltran, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and University, will close the event talking about? Policies of the Government of Aragon in favor of free software and innovation ?.

EBox Platform is freely distributed, so that the user does not pay license and is geared to SMEs and non-expert users. The advantage with other servers is increased spending on maintenance of these and licenses, as they require, many of them skilled personnel. In addition, SMEs often use different applications independent software on the network, but the advantage eBox offers this solution is that already contains most of these applications in an interconnected manner.

A spin off of Aragon

Ebox was born in 2004 as a joint project between DBS Servicios Informaticos and Warp Networks to develop a free source platform to facilitate the management of corporate networks. Warp was in charge of technological development Ebox, while DBS is responsible for coordinating and get forndos for the project. In 2005 they presented Ebox 0.7 platform, a prototype of free software platform that have now improved.

In 2006, Ebox received assistance from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), thus being able to improve their innovative features without commercial pressure. This situation allowed Ebox integrated into the Ubuntu server.

Once the eBox platform malfunctioned was the time of separation between Ebox and Warp, to create a technology-based joint venture that reach the full potential of the platform. In February 2008 eBox Technologies was created with a team of 8 people.

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